Do you want to get your body back after a baby!?Loose your baby belly fat!?Heal your Diastasis Recti!?

Then my fitmama program is especially for you!

More than 100 moms all over the world have used my program and achieved great results!

What you will get when you join fitmama program:

      • You don't need a gym membership or some special equipment. All you need is your baby weight if you want it. 🙂 For mommies who want to workout with your babies I have prepared special workouts.
      • You will get 4 new workouts every week, focusing on burn your baby bell fat, healing diastsis recti, improving postnatal posture, strengthening core and glute and toning muscles.
      • You will get a full description how you nutrition should be look like to achieve your goals, products that you should eat and should avoid.
      • You will receive motivational mails from me to stay motivated.
      • I will answer all your questions.

        I recommend to start with fitmama program 6-8 weeks after a birth  but first after consulting with your doctor. Give your body time, don't hurry.

        It is a 4 weeks program. If you order premium you will get 90 days access to all videos and information. I recommend you to follow my program all 90 days then I promise that you will see great changes in your body.

        Join fitmama program free trial and get free workouts!

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        About me...

        Nastia Ebeling knowing in social media as, certified personal fitness trainer, focusing on pregnancy and postpartum fitness and mom of two kids. She gave a birth to her both kids with 2 years difference and got her body back very quickly.

        "As a mom of two small kids I know how difficult it is sometimes to find a time for exercising. Lack of  motivation, sleepless nights, not regular and unhealthy nutrition.'' That's why I have created my fitmama program especially for postpartum moms. All workouts you can make at home, together with your baby, you don't need any equipment.



        Nastia Ebeling